How-to set up Goals to track your LeadPlayer video

I Love LeadPlayer!   (Disclamer: I am not an affiliate. I am simply a happy customer of both LeadPlayer and LeadPages) It is not only a great tool to build your e-mail list, but it also comes with pre-integrated Google Analytics tracking.

This tracking code generates events (Play, Load, OptIn-Submit, etc) in your Google Analytics account to know how effective your videos are. Since you can set-up goals using events, tracking your e-mail submit coming from your LeadPlayer videos take less than 3 minutes.

Watch this video to know how to to it

Here is the text version, for those who don’t want to hear my sweat – I really need some sleep – voice.

Step 1: Inside your LeadPlayer Account, go to Player Option and select “Google Analytics Events : Enable”.


Step 2: Inside Google Analytics : Make sure you see LeadPlayer Video events ( Content -> Events -> Top Events) including the Event Action OptIn-Submit.

leadplayer2              leadPlayer3


Step 3 : Set an event goal (under Admin tab -> your profile name-> Goal) using the following coding

Category that is equal to : LeadPlayer Videos

Action that is equal to : OptIn-Submit


Step 4 : Enter the value of your e-mail subscriber or enter 1 if you don’t know how much a subscriber is worth yet.  Click Save.

Step 5 : Let people subscribe to your list and analyse them by using your favorite goal report.

That’s it!

Happy tracking!

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Marcos D'Urbano

Owner at Simple Analytics
During the past 10 years doing analytics and completing an MSc in Business Intelligence, I realized that very simple techniques can have a huge impact on our results and your bottom line. I created Simple Analytics because I do love analytics and firmly believe that complex things can be explained in a simple way. I teach and coach busy online entrepreneurs on how to use analytics to keep their business on track.