Clean Up Your Google Analytics – How I removed

Once in a while it’s good to clean up our stuff, our closets, our garage (help!!!) and of course our Google Analytics data.

Few weeks ago, appeared in my traffic source report. The problem is that those visits are made by a crawler not real visitors and  the bounce rate of this traffic source is 100%.


So I started my journey on how can I get rid of semalt visit in Google Analytics. They are many posts on how to get rid of, however most of them don’t work, for a simple reason that I learned and will explain later in this post.

How to get rid of Semalt

There is 2 ways to get rid of semalt or any other bot visits.

The first one is to write a rule in your .htaccess and flag semalt as spambot and deny its access to your site. While this is a great method, not everybody is confortable with editing their .htaccess and using either cpanel or FTP.

The second method, which I used consist in excluding semalt visits in your Google Analytics reports.  Semalt will still crawl your site, but at least won’t affect your stats and metrics.

The steps

1. Under your admin page, select the account, profile and view where you want to remove semalt.


2. Click on New Filter.



3. Give your filter a new e.g “Exclude Semalt” , select custom as Filter Type, Select Exclude, and in the Filter Field choose Referral




4. In the Filter Pattern type semalt\.com  This is where most tutorials fail. The match that Google Analytics use is a RegEx match, the “.” most be escape to make it work.  I try several times to create my filter without escaping the dot with a backslash and semalt was always there.

Now does it work? Here is my visits by semalt since I implemented my filter.



So that’s it!  The only thing left to clean is my garage…

Happy cleaning!