About us

My  name is Marcos D’Urbano.  I graduated in 2002 with a master degree in statistics, data mining and Business Intelligence.  I spent the last 20 years working in marketing analytics.  Crunching data, doing marketing optimization, modeling customer behaviour, etc.

When I started my career in analytics, my dream was  to work with people rather than giant corporation. At that time I didn’t have the choice.  The cost of technology required was prohibitive and only big guys could afford it.

Things have changed.  The technology is now available for free, and is easy to use.  Analytics is the most powerful tool to quickly learn who your customer/visitors are and what are the strategies that will get you the greatest results.  Today, anybody can have access to this knowledge.  Anybody can applied the same techniques that giant corporation have been using to make more money day after day.

I founded Simple Analytics Inc. to teach those techniques and to give access to this tremendous source of knowledge small business, solo entrepreneurs and anyone in the Information Product industry.

To contact me please write at marcos.durbano@simpleanalytics.net

Thanks for stopping by and hope to have the pleasure to work with you shortly.

Marcos D’Urbano