Analytic Conversion Booster Program

Done for you Analytics + 1-on-1 private coaching program !


Need Analytics implemented in your business right now?

Overwhelm by the complexity of analytics?

Too busy to track your results and fully leverage all the insights hidden in your Google Analytics account?

Looking for the fastest way to learn analytics? Read carefully this program is for you!

I can be your “analytics guy” for 3 months

With The Analytic Conversion Booster Program, I will not only do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you but I will personally teach on the effectively do analytic during our weekly 1-on-1 private calls. During those calls I will explain to you everything I did and I will also show you how I did it as well.

Put an end to the black box wishing for the best business approach.

Knowledge of your customers and your business performance is critical to reach the highest level of profitability.

Analytics is not an nice to have, it is critical to skill to master (or at least know somebody that can do it for you) that can makes the difference between a massive success and a miserable failure.

Only analytics can put an end to the “black box wishing for the best” business approach, where you spend hours trying different things and seeing the results at the end month without knowing what was the cause of your results. If don’t have a formal way to quickly learn what works and what don’t in your niche you will always be starting from scratch over and over again.

Use analytics to make sure that your next month will be more productive and lucrative than the last one.

Here is a just a little of what I will do for you in this program…

  • I will review your website and create a plan with you to improve your conversion.
  • I will make sure Google Analytics is properly set to gather all the data needed to track your results, including Custom segments, events and goals.
  • I will teach you what are the best segments to use for every traffic type that you might have
  • I will create custom reports for you and teach you how-to use them, which metrics you should pay attention to and what you should understand from your results.
  • I will translate the metrics into insight and actionable strategies that will help you increase your conversion rate and collect a big chunk of the money you are leaving on the table.
  • I will introduce you to split testing and controlled experiment.

At the end of the program…

  •  You will have all the analytical infrastructure in place to know where are your best opportunities for your business including keywords, SEO, affiliates, content type, etc.
  •  You will know where your money is coming from and what to do to increase the your revenue.
  •  I will not only do the whole job for you, but I will teach you, or teach to your virtual assistant if you prefer, how to do it in the future.

All the teaching and tutorial will be based on your website, your strategies and your data, not based on some hypothetical use case.

Only 5 spots available

The analytics conversion booster program is the only way to work with me personally since I don’t do per hour consulting, unless it is a 150+ hours project.

Let’s be honest, I don’t have a lot of free time to do this type of counsulting. Since working with motivated entrepreneurs is something that I love to do, I decided to it for a couple of hours every month. To limit the number of inquiries  I could have done what everybody else is doing : charge a super high fee, but I won’t do that for several reason that I won’t cover here.

Instead I will open only 5 spots at the time you only have to make 3 payments of $347 (charged once a month), which is a ridiculously low price to get all your analytical work done by myself, plus 1-on-1 weekly calls with me for the entire length of the program.

Click on the Buy Now button, and once your first payment made, you will receive all the instructions to book your first 1-on-1 call with me. I am looking to work with you shortly.


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