How to Track your email sign-up conversion

The reports and tracking code you should use to improve your sign-up conversion

Quickly learn how to use analytics to improve your email sign-ups, understand what attracts highly converting visitors and how your funnels are performing.

With the RIGHT reports you can discover in minutes:

  • Which keyword you should rank to attract new subscribers
  • How to be sure that your calls to action are converting properly.
  • Do the visitors see your calls to action in the first place?
  • Which page(s) you should fix immediately to stop losing traffic and opportunities.

Warning! This is NOT a traditional e-book. It is written to teach you how to track your e-mail list conversion in the shortest possible time. It contains almost no theory, but dozens of screenshots and multiple step-by-steps.

Yes! I want to track and improve my Email list conversion!

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100% Money-Back Guaranteed