How to Track Goal with Google Analytics

How to Track Goal with Google Analytics

I already did a tutorial on how to track and set up goal in Google Analytics. Since the menus and option have changed, I decided to create a new one with the current options and screenshot

Steps to set up your Goal

1. Access your admin page, select the account, property and view where you want to create your goal and click on “Goals”


2. Click on New Goal. To modify a goal, select the one that you want to change.


3. If your are using the Universal Analytics tracking code, select “custom template”


4. Give your Goal a (meaningful) name and choose your Goal Type.

If you are using a thank you page, select Destination . If you want to keep track on how many visitor spend more the 3 minutes (or any minutes that make sense to you) on your website, select Duration. If you want to count how many visitors will see  more than 5 pages, select Pages/Screens per Visit. Finally to keep track of how many people like you page, leave a comment, share you page, watch a video or do anything else use Event goals. IMPORTANT!! Don’t use event based goals unless you are sure that your event tracking code is set-up and working!  You can refer to the Google Analytics documentation, to know more about how to set up events.


5. (For Destination Goals only) : Enter the URL of your thank you page without the domain. For the thank you page you will type “/thank-exemple and select Begins with. Begins with is safest choice for most of the people. It also allow to track multiple thank you page that begins with what you entered.  The pages and will also be counted in your goals.


If you DON’T want to track in your goals, then you should use Equals to. Be careful with equals to, since it won’t track your goal is you have parameters or extra ‘/’ at the end or your URL. Regular expression are useful and you want to track pages that contain parameters or when you are in a cross domain situation and need to enter the domain name in the field.

6. Give a value to your Goal. If you know that every e-mail subscriber is worth $10, enter 10. If you don’t know enter 1. You can always read how-to calculate your e-mail subscriber value to estimate this value.


7. Set up your Funnel

For Destination Goal only : If you are using a squeeze page or a sales page, turn on your funnel and enter the page URL of your squeeze page in the same way you did for your thank you page. If you have chosen Begin with, Google Analytics will assume the URL of your squeeze also begins with.

If you have multiple steps, eg. Sales page -> Shopping Cart -> thank you page, you will enter your Sales page first, then click Add another a Step and type your shopping cart page.

Required or not? If you select required yes, it will change your funnel conversion rate by counting only the visit that went through all the steps. If for any reason, a visitor skip a step before reaching your thank you page, this visit will still be counted as a conversion in you goal conversion report, but will not be counted in your funnel conversion report. I usually keep my steps as not required.

8. Check if your goal is working select verify. This method works only if your thank you page was already online and visited during the past 7 days – excluding the current days.


If this is not the case, use the real time report, load your thank you page and see if a goal is recorded.  If yes, you’re all set!

Happy goal  tracking! If you have any questions, use the comments below for Q and A.