How-to use Google URL Builder

Traffic source is one of the most important information for your business.

Watch this video to learn how-to use the Google URL Builder.

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How-to fill it

Not all fields are mandatory.  The only one you should use are

Campaign Source : E.g. subscriber_list

Campaign Medium : E.g. email

Campaign Name: email_3

Keep it simple

Choosing the right naming convention if you don’t want to create a mess in your Google account.  So Medium is pretty straightforward – email, facebook, twitter, etc. Campaign Source is typically the family of campaign names.  In my case I use myList to identify traffic coming from my main e-mail list.  Finally, Campaign name is the e-mail message that people got.

It’s an extra step, but you will be happy to know what was the conversion rate out and income generated with each e-mail you sent to your list.