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YES! I offer consulting service! If you need someone to create your goals, set up your Google Analytics tags or Facebook pixels, create events, design custom dashboards, tell you what to measure (and how), run split-tests, etc... stop searching, I can do it all this for you and more!

What's unique about me?

I combine 3 skills that are not usually found in a single person. Those skills are :

Online marketing, analytics, and programming.

I always think as an online marketer when I track a campaign, a website, or when I come up with split test ideas. My coding skills allow me to set up any kind of tag and automate actionable dashboards.

I have an MSc in Business Intelligence and 20 years of experience working in analytics.

What does it mean for you? It means that I can not only take care of your analytics but I can also give you advice on your marketing strategies. I was a student of Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, and Frank Kern, to name a few.

Service Plans

Don't pay now!!!

The purpose of this list is to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay.

When you select a plan, you will have to fill out the contact form so I can get in touch with you and get more details about your needs. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to hire me if you don't like the price or my proposal.

Don't like filling out forms? Send me an email at


Goals, GA4 migration


This plan is perfect if you need to set-up goals and funnels, need custom events or want to migrate to GA4. Usually done within 48 hours


Starts at


Charged at 75$/hr. Usually 2+ hours . Goals, segment, advance tagging, campaign tags, dashboards, split-test. Become a data-driven company!

Long Term Help

The highest value!

Email me

For people who need an analytics expert but don't want to hire full time. Perfect for recurrent follow-ups, split-tests, dashboards, etc.